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The NEW Kevlar/Carbon Sorensen Sprite Two-Point mandolin

The new Kevlar/Carbon Sorensen Sprite Two-Point has been created to deliver superior power, tone, and balanced response.  Like the Kevlar and Carbon Fiber Supercars which are stunning the automotive world, these mandolins are truly the next generation of acoustic instrument innovation.


Each Kevlar/Carbon Sorensen Sprite is crafted with a complex and innovative blend of "cold-forged" 3D space-age components.  Ultra-beautiful and strong Kevlar/Carbon 2K woven fabric stiffens and protects Steve's new "Xylux" composite material -- a proprietary resin-based blend of chopped carbon fiber strands, glass microbeads, and wood flour which is customized for each instrument component.

The resulting, precisely graduated, Kevlar/Carbon and Xylux blend delivers all the rich, complex power, tone, and style of traditional  wood-based mandolins without the inherent weaknesses and sensitivity of wood.  

In addition, the new Kevlar/Carbon Sprites feature --

  •  Rounded "Modern Soft V" neck profile with 1-1/8" nut width. Fully adjustable two-way truss rod.

  • "Ballbearing smooth" stainless steel frets on a Richlite black composite fingerboard.

  • Chrome metallic "Flying Sprite" peghead detail.

  • Stunning metal flake sides and neck with white pinstriping or airbrushed faded transitions.

  • Traditional adjustable full-contact ebony bridge.

  • Shaller "Grand-Tune" delux tuners.

  • Integrated K+K  Twin Internal piezo pickups with end-pin jack.

  • Custom James "Sorensen" tailpiece.

  • Custom matching Kevlar/Carbon Twill Hoffee flight case


The new Kevlar/Carbon Sorensen Sprite Two-Point mandolin is currently offered as a custom build in your choice of Burgundy, Midnight-Blue or Kelly Green Kevlar/Carbon 2k weave material. 


Please check with Steve on additional Kevlar/Carbon twill options.


    Kevlar/Carbon Sprite Two Point (with matching Hoffee Case) -- $5950


    Build Deposit -- $1000  (Deposit is non-refundable once build is started.)

Please contact Steve to coordinate your Kevlar/Carbon Sprite Two-Point mandolin build details!




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