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The Sorensen Stealth mandolin

The Sorensen Stealth delivers a new hot-rodded look for mandolins  . . . with all the power, tone, complexity, and ease-of-play that you would expect from the great Loar-inspired archtop instruments.

Featuring a rounded, streamlined body and sleek vented slash-holes, the Stealth is ready to go hard from stage to studio to all night jam.

Jimmy Mattingly, player of Stealth prototype #2 with the Garth Brooks Band, recently said, "I love this mando!  The guys in the studio said the 'tone and resonance was unbelievable'.  You will be blown away at what this model sounds like. It's like an A model crossed with an F model on steroids!"

Recently, on Facebook, Jimmy added, "These Sorensen mandos are unbelievable. Today I was thinking about how amazing it is when I go to play Mandolin, out of a killer Gibson Sam Bush and an iconic Danny Roberts/Charlie Derrington Master model, I always pick up the Sorensen. It plays like butter and the tone and projection is effortless. Not to mention how beautiful they are."

The response from players to the first Stealth prototypes has been extremely exciting! 

I can't wait to build more of these sweet mando-monsters!

Custom Sorensen Stealth builds start at $10,700.


Please contact me if you are interested in discussing a Stealth mandolin build.

For a full discussion of the Sorensen Stealth design process, check out this chat string on --

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