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The new Kevlar/Carbon Sorensen Sprite Two-Point mandolin is available for player orders NOW!


Sorensen mandolins and guitars are built to be played!  So many great artists have chosen to record and perform on Sorensen instruments.

Here are just a few --

Steve Sorensen custom mandolin maker. Sorensen builds mandolins that are handmade in California, USA. Fine custom mandolins handmade in the USA  Sorensen mandolins are the best value quality mandolins built in America for Bluegrass mandolin, Jazz mandolin, Classical mandolin, Blues mandolin.  If you want to buy a great mandolin, like mandolins played by professional musicians to learn mandolin music, try a Sorensen mandolin.  Sorensen is a luthier specializing in high quality custom built mandolins.  Endorsing Artists are - Danny Roberts, The Grascals, Kelsi Harrigill, Flatt Lonesome, Don Rigsby, Band of Ruhks and Flashback, Darren Nicholson, Balsam Range, Clint White , Nu-Blu, Lee Roy, The Roys, Nate Burie, Chris Cerna, Liam Purcell, Craig Ferguson,

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